20:02:49 September 25 SERVER TIME
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#1 BowSpeciaL

Killed Lord Yarkan at 2016-09-25 19:23

#2 Uranium

Killed Captain Ivy at 2016-09-25 17:49

#3 IchGuckNur

Killed Tiger Girl (Titan) at 2016-09-25 17:33

#4 Yolocaust

Killed Uruchi at 2016-09-25 17:31

#5 Yolocaust

Killed Uruchi (Titan) at 2016-09-25 17:27




#1 Retired



Server is back online:

Sorry about that there was an unexpected error during the patching process.
If your client attempted to get the patch you will get the message "Invalid Client" , please re-extract it from your downloaded rar file.
Your client version should be v3.17.

Really sorry about the inconvenience!

- Fixed sellprice of Elements, Tablets, Stones and Accessories.
 *Thanks to Yolocaust for reporting!




TitanSRO is now open!

Please report any bugs you may find using the Titan Forums, Website Ticket System or contact a staff member online.

For 48h all new characters will receive a special Founders Hat!
* 4 Special Variations! Magma, Arctic, Wise and Majestic.
Also one lucky character will be chosen at random every 3 Hours to receive a Premium VIP 7 Day pass.

Please spread the word and invite your friends to Titan!

This is a Job Points, Arena, FGW and Holy Water Temple Instance based server as you will need to do a combination of all 3 to get your Egypt gear, that’s right the ONLY way you can get sun is by playing the game.
Coins (Silk) is the only thing that can be obtained by donation, with this you can buy special items such as customized pick/attack pets, VIP Premium and other cosmetic items.

We have heavily reduced the amount of gold gained since our last server and changed much more to make the server more economically stable.
To increase the job activity only Jangan, Donwhang and Hotan Trade Stations are enabled with customised rates and Job Points.
The final tier Egypt A or B items are not much stronger than droppable 11D Nova but give a +2 and +4 enhancment to your set when you collect all Egypt pieces.
This allows for a much more fun and balanced PvP across all players.

Titan will hold a 3 day testing phase so that we can make sure everything is fine before we go live, the server itself, the content, the website and everything that belongs to a well functional server.
So we would like to ask you to try everything out and make sure you report anything to us so we can fix it in the testing phase.
Keep in mind that the server may go offline from time to time during the BETA to apply fixes if needed.

The server will open on 25/09/2016 at 12:00pm Server Time (GMT +0)
Players who join within the first 48h will receive a special Founders Hat!
You can download our client from the download section, more links will be added soon.

There is a thread on our forum HERE detailing more server features if you would like to know more.

See you ingame!
[GM]Hydra & TitanSRO Staff

- 21/04/2016 Unique Rankings Reset!

Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!
Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Regards, TitanSRO Team


Titan Model Update v312

As many people were asking for model scrolls we have added them! All 12D and 13D Weapons and Shield models have been added, these can only be used on Egypt B items.
A new Burning hand effect has been added to VIP Premium with 3 colour variations making you look even cooler.
Quest monsters "Rocky" spawn rate has been increased a little to help with the inventory Quest and Immortal/Astral drops have been added to the Treasure boxes of Haroeris and Seth.
The avatars have been added but wont be availiable to purchase with silk until the next update, some may be given away for events.
The signature Event Rewards will be added over the weekend as today it has ended, thankyou all for you're continued support!

- Burning Red, Arctic Blue and Abyss Red Flame hand effect added to VIP Premium.
- Spawn of Rocky monsters increased. (Inventory Quest)
- Astral and Immortal drops added to Haroeris and Seth.
- Titan v312 Client added to download section.

- CTF NPC now CTF & Model NPC.
- Added 12D + 13D Model change scroll's for all Egypt B Weapons and Shields.
 *These work the same way as the Egypt B Upgrade Scroll.
 *You will keep all of your item stats when changing the model.
- Added Model Removal Scroll for Egypt B Weapons.

Wizz weapon damage was reduced in the skill update but it seems we diddnt update the damage numbers visually. If you have a Staff and change your model the damage numbers will be lower, but this the real damage number.
They both do the same damage. 
The normal Egy B weapon damage numbers will be updated today or tomorrow.

- 8 New Avatars added, availiable soon!
*White Knight / Winter Princess
*Fairy 2 Colours M/F
*Clown 2 Colours M/F
*China Wedding M/F
*Celestial Angel M/F

Much more to come!
Regards TitanSRO Team,

- 03/04/2016 Unique Rankings Reset!

Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!
Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Regards, TitanSRO Team


JG Fortress Sample
Tax 20 %
Register Time SAT & WED 09:00 - 18:00 SVT
Start Time SAT & WED 18:00 - 19:30 SVT



  • Cap: 110
  • Exp: 15x
  • Party Exp: 25x
  • Gold: 1x
  • Item: 5x
  • Max Degree: 11D Nova
  • Egypt Set: A + B
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Arena: Enabled
  • FGW: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled




    TheElderGods guild recrut active players pm me
    2016-09-25 18:33



    wts 1 sbot slot for a month 200 silks or 2 euro
    2016-09-25 17:48



    If you need help with anything, feel free to ask me! :D
    2016-09-25 17:03



    Sorry about the downtime just now, the computer said no :D
    2016-09-25 16:48



    Join this server cuz it's OP af. Played old titan and it was amazing, this one will be too
    2016-09-25 16:44