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#1 Commander

Killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) at 2017-02-28 13:06

#2 Commander

Killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) at 2017-02-28 12:59

#3 I_ALQuaDa_I

Killed Isyutaru (Titan) at 2017-02-28 12:51

#4 _BleyTs_

Killed Isyutaru (Titan) at 2017-02-28 12:43

#5 _BleyTs_

Killed Isyutaru (Titan) at 2017-02-28 12:39



#1 Alexano
#2 Insanity
#3 Yolocaust


#1 Zegzag
#2 ToTa_Bard_1
#3 Catleto


#1 Sakura
#2 Alexia
#3 Lonley_Wolf


Hello guys!,

Apologies in the lack of admin support for the start of the new year.
We extended the XMAS Quests and Letter Event to compensate for this.
The Xmas Event's have lasted much longer than we first expected but they do need to come to a close, the server be restarted at 12:00 and the Xmas Events and 24/7 Snow will be removed.

Random Invasion Events and more custom quests will be coming towards the end of the month.

Note that all XMAS Quest Items and Letters will also be removed, be sure to use them before the restart!

- Server Maintenance 22/01/2016
* Snow, XMAS Quests & Letter Event will be disabled.
* All XMAS Quest & Event Items will be removed.
- Egypt Type A Equipment chance increased for Item Lottery.
- Missing Lottery Items added.
- Bug Fixes.
- Backup and Optimization.

- Unique Rankings Reset!
Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!


Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Regards, Hydra.


- 06/01/2017 Unique Ranks Reset
Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!


Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Hello Titans!

Part 2 of the Christmas update has been applied enabling all Xmas Events and some awesome giveaways.
Now is a great time to Join us at TitanSRO with the plentiful Festive Events and a Free 7 Day Premium for all new players!.
Been here before? we welcome you back!

We wish you Merry Christmas and have fun in TitanSRO!

- More Items added to Random Item Lottery Event.
- Drop Chance of All Coins and Immortal added to Shipwreck Forgotten World Boxes and Sereness.
- Tablet Droprate Reduced.
- Nova Droprate Increased.
- Fixed Santa Avatars to accept magic options from Blacksmith, added avatar accessory slot.
- Egypt A Equipment Droprate Increased. (Drops from 101+ monsters)
- Over 60 new Questions added to Q&A.
- FREE 7 day Premium for New players! (Promotion ends 30/12/16)
- Special Xmas 2016 Title will be given to all active characters.
 *Title activated! New players will start with this title, old players can select it from the Character Panel on the website.
- New v325 fully updated client uploaded.

- XMAS Discount Applied.
(Starts 22/12/2016 @ 12:00 Server Time, ends 27/12/2016 @ 12:00 )
*20% Extra Silk on all donations using SuperRewards and Paymentwall.
*10% Extra Silk on all donations using Paypal direct.

- XMAS Frosty Invasion Event Enabled.
*Waves of evil Frosty monsters lead by the Frost Queen and Frost Generals will appear around Karakoram Ruins.
*Help to stop the invasion and kill the invading monsters!
*Special drops from these mobs incude All Coins, Silk Scrolls, Job Point Scrolls, Talismans and Ember/Abyss Weapons.

- XMAS Letter Event activated.
*Collect the letters X M A S from all monsters in Titan then exchange them for a reward at NPC So-ok.
*Some of the rewards include INT/STR/Absorb Balloons, Return/Reverse Scolls, Chrismas Unicorns and Rudolph Vehicles, Magicstones and more!

- XMAS Quest Rewards edited.
*More choice of rewards from the new XMAS Event Quests.
*You can now select 1 of a varierty of rewards upon completing the quest.
*New Rewards include Santa Avatars, Astral, Immortal and Christmas Pets.
NOTE: Titan Quest Reset Scroll will not work for XMAS Event Quests.

- New Items and Quests added to Instance Quest & JP NPC.
*2x New Jobsuits for each Job added.
*3x New Holy Water Temple Quests added rewarding coins.
*5x New Ghost Shipwreck FGW Quests added rewarding silk scrolls and other items.

- Magic Pop System Enabled.
*Magic Pop Card added to the Item Mall.
*Use the Magic Pop Card at any Magic Pop Machine for a chance to win a variety of rewards.
*Rewards include Nova Items, Flags and other special items.

- New Xmas Event Times:
*Q&A will still run every hour with Xmas themed Questions.
Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Titan Christmas Update: Part 1

Part 2 of this update will be applied in the next 2 - 3 days.
Part 2 will include more Events, more Rewards, Job point Items,  new systems and more!

- Over 80 New H&S Locations added.
- Exp Rate Increased.
- Gold Rate Increased from 1x to 5x.
- Item Drop Rate Increased from 5x to 10x.
- Non-Silk Transport Pets HP Increased from to 750k hp.
- All single and dual-skilled attack pets HP has been increased +150k.
- Coin cost of Egypt Type B Equipment decreased from 250 to 175.
- Coin cost of Egypt Type B Accessories decreased from 500 to 350.

- Christmas Decorations, Music and Events applied.
*4x XMAS Event Quests rewarding immortals, from new Quest NPC.
*Xmas Letter Event will be applied in Part 2.
*More rewards will also be added in Part 2.

- Rare Egypt Type A Equipment and Accessory drops have been added to all mobs above level 101.
 *Equipment and Accessory drops only, not weapons!
 *Low rate! It may be increased if it is too low.

- Silk per hour activated.
*All players will now receive 1 silk per hour of online time.

- Lottery Tickets prices adjusted.
*Gold Lottey Ticket increased from 1m to 5m Gold.
*Silk Lottery Ticket increased from 30 to 50 Silk.
*Job Point Lottery Ticket increased from 10 to 30 Job Points.
*Random Item Lottery Ticket costs 20m Gold.
*Ticket Icons updated to reflect the type of Lottery.

- New Random Item Lottery Event.
*Simlar to the other Lottery Events buy a Ticket and use it within the Event time to have a chance at winning the item.
*Special Items Include: Ember Weapons, Abyss Weapons, Egypt Type A Equipment, Immortals, FGW Talismans and more!
*This Event will happen 2x per day at 2pm and 8pm. Maybe more!

- Job Point Requirement Removed from Egypt Type B Equipment and upgrade scroll.
- New Quest NPC added in Jangan for Instance & Event Quests.
*These Quests & Job Point Items will be added in Part 2.

- Trade & Thief Rates Increased.
*Short Trade increased from 70% to 100% Profit (Jangan-><-Donwhang-><-Hotan)
*Long Trade Increased from 120% to 160% Profit (Jangan-><-Hotan)
- Server Optimization and Backups.

- Unique Rankings Reset!
Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!


Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Have Fun and Merry Christmas!
Regards, TitanSRO Team.


- 05/12/2016 - FGW Rates Increased over Xmas Period!

* Shipwreck Forgotten World now has a 30% Droprate.
* Flame Mountain now has a 50% Droprate.
* Titan Uniques now drop Arena coins.
* Extra prep for new Quests and Events.

- Unique Rankings Reset!

Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!


Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

- Vote Timer put back to 12 hours!


- Black Friday Weekend bonus!

We have added bonus Silk to all Donations received from 25/11/16 - 00:00 SVT to 28/11/16 - 00:00 SVT to celebrate the Black Friday Sales!

All donations via SuperRewards and PaymentWall will get 20% Bonus Silk.
All donations via Paypal Direct will get 10% extra Silk.
(This is lower due to a bonus being already applied on this payment method!)

More game update's will be coming soon including more unique monster invasion Events, Weapon Glows, Special Quests, Job Suits, Chirstmas Events and more!

Have fun in TitanSRO!

TitanSRO Team.


JG Fortress PornCrew
Tax 20 %
Register Time SATURDAY 09:00 - 18:00 SVT
Start Time SATURDAY 18:00 - 19:30 SVT


#1 Valikie_T
#2 Commander
#3 AnvarGale
#4 Black_Eagle0
#5 TheVampireS
#6 SaftzenLebos
#8 XMiTzuKaGeX
#9 Snatch
#10 Bsbosa_Bard


  • Cap: 110
  • Exp: 100x
  • Party Exp: 120x
  • Gold: 5x
  • Item: 10x
  • Max Degree: 11D Nova
  • Egypt Set: A + B
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Arena: Disabled
  • Ghost FGW: Enabled
  • Flame FGW: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • HWID Limit: 3




    WTS Commnder offer for immo
    2017-02-28 12:17



    WTS Commnder for immo pme offer
    2017-02-28 11:23



    WTS 2h EGY B // WTS dagger EGYB B // SET LA +11 EGY B// SET Acc EURO EGY B +12 // PM OFFER $$$
    2017-02-28 10:03



    WTS Commnder for immo
    2017-02-28 09:56



    2017-02-28 09:26