00:28:32 October 23 SERVER TIME
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#1 x7

Killed Isyutaru at 2016-10-22 23:56

#2 714

Killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) at 2016-10-22 23:51

#3 _UnDeFeaTeD_

Killed Khulood at 2016-10-22 23:48

#4 714

Killed Demon Shaitan (Titan) at 2016-10-22 23:37

#5 AvalancheS

Killed Black Robber King (STR) at 2016-10-22 23:35



#1 Insanity
#2 FlawLesS
#3 Broklen


#1 VampirePower
#2 Era
#3 Only_Hero


#1 Sakura
#2 AvalancheS
#3 Kitty


Maintenance Completed:

- Optimized connections.
- Chinese Fire Shield fixed.
- More drops added to Roc.
- Preperation for Halloween Events.
- Modified rates on H&S boxes.

As always, thankyou for choosing Titan and Have Fun!
Regards, TitanSRO Team.


- Unique Rankings Reset!
Unique rankings will now be reset every 2 weeks with silk rewards given to the top 5 killers!
Congrats to this periods Top 5 Unique Killers!


Next winners will be announced in 2 weeks, Good luck!

Silk rewards have been credited to your account!
1st: 750 l 2nd: 500 l 3rd: 300 l 4th: 200 l 5th: 100

Extra Notes:
- Item Plus Notice changed to +11 and over. (Advanced Elixir Included.)
- Q&A List Updated.
- Vote window has been made bigger to fix issues with captcha.
- Vote timer has been set to 24h.

Regards, TitanSRO Team


Titan Update v320:

In this update we have rescheduled all the events and added a new one 'Random Treasure Event'.
The aim of this is to encourage players to join CTF and other events and to give everyone a fair chance of winning.
Many new teleports have been added to help with getiing to key locations aswell as removing the level restriction on Alexandria's teleport.

- Updated Devil stone sell price.
- CTF now announces with a notice.
- Increased spawnrate of all Wing Tribe mobs (Roc Area).
- Lowered purification pill price by 50%.
- Increased regular item droprate.
- Increased Magicstone and Attribute stone droprate.
- Increased FGW droprate from 16% to 23%.
- Arena Coins added to CTF NPC 2 Coppper = 1 Arena.
- Wizz attack delay reduced from 1.5s to 1 second.
- Chinese Fire Shield debuff protection reduced.
- Battle Arena has been disabled for now.
- #1 Job Titles Fixed.

- Alchemy Plus Notice added.
* Players who make and item +10 or more during alchemy will get a notice with their name, item and plus!

- Added new teleport locations:
* Level restriction removed from Jangan/Hotan -> Alexandria teleport.
* Jangan -> Jangan Cave B1/B2/B3
* Jangan/Alex -> Hunter/Thief Job Temple Entrance
* Jangan/Alex -> Roc's Nest
* Jangan/Alex -> PvP Arena
* Alexandria -> Holy Water Temple Entrance

- Level 1 - 3 Titles Unlocked:
- All characters will now get the level 1,2 and 3 titles straight away when creating a new character.
* This has also been added to all characters currently created, you can choose your title on the website after logging in.

- Added [RTE] Random Treasure Event:
* 2 special chests will appear in random locations with awesome rewards!
* Each chest has a chance to drop many items such as Coins, Premium, Silk, Job Points, Globals, Immortals, Scrolls and More!
* [AutoEvent] will make a notice with a location where the chest has spawned, your job is to find them!
* They only take 1 hit no matter your level everyone can join in!

- New Daily Event Schedule/Changes: 
* Q&A silk reward has been reduced to 20 Silk.
* Kill the GM silk reward has been reduced to 35 Silk.
* Roc will spawn in Rocs Lair at 4:30 PM SVT every Sunday.
* Job Temple Uniques will continue to spawn every 3 hours from 12:00 SVT.
* Titan Uniques will continue to spawn at 12:00, 17:00 and 22:00 SVT. 

- New Event Schedule:
 * Check out the new Event Times on our info page HERE!

Regards, [GM]Hydra


Titan Update v319:

This update is to address some issues that have been reported by players and to enhance the gameplay experience in general.
There will be more updates to come such as Flame Mountain/Togui Village Forgotten World instances, customized skills and more job features.

- Automatic Unique Killer and #1 Job Titles enabled.
- Fixed Job Point / Silk Lottery Tickets.
- Traderate profit increased by 10%.
- Fixed Gender bug wth 12D/13D model shields.
- Wednesdays Fortress War has been removed at request.
* Now 1x Fortress War per week on Saturday 18:00 - 19:30 Server Time (GMT + 0)

- Job Point Changes:
 * For a 5* short trade (Jangan -> Donwhang <- Hotan) you will get 4 Points.
 * For a long trade (Jangan -> <- Hotan) you will get 8 Points.
    The same rates apply to Hunters but Thieves will gain 5 Job Points for each 5* sold.
 * You can only collect up too a maximum 20 Job Points before relogging your character to claim them.
    Then you can continue to collect Job Points after relogging up to a cap of 1000 per week.
 * More items will be added to the item mall soon that you can buy with Job Points.

- Unique Changes:
Magical defence of King Uniques reduced.
* HP of all Arabia and King Uniques have been reduced.
* Fixed some text errors in names.

- Stack changes:
* HP/MP Potions, Grains, Vigor Grains, Speed Potions, Universal Pills, Abnormal Status Pills updated to 1000 per stack.
* Magic / Attribute Tablets and Stones updated to 1000 per stack.
* Arrows and Bolts updated to 5000 stack.
* Energy of life Potions updated to 500 stack.
* Elements updated to a 10000 stack.
* Trade pets can now stack items of 200 instead of 150.

- Skill Changes:
* Chinese Pain Quota has been added to Pacheon, Heuskal and Bicheon masteries.
* 120 skills removed to show the correct MAX skill for 110.
* Cold:
Cold Multi-Shot nuke damage incresed to the same as Crane's Thunderbolt.
* Warrior:
Pain Quota, Physical Fence and Magical Fence - Defence decreased from 60% to 50%.
Ultimate Screen, Morale Screen and Physical Screen - Cooldown increased from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.
* Wizard:
Fast attack bug fixed.
* Warlock:
Single Target Debuff Skills (Raze) - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%
Multi Target Debuff Skills (Ravage) - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%
Slumber - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%
Deep Slumber - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%
Daze - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%
Wrath Daze - Probability decreased from 80% to 60%

- Price Changes:
* Element price at the NPC has been reduced from 2000 to 1200.
* Dual skilled fellow pets with extra damage reduced from 1500 to 1000.
* Global price remains at 100 but you now get 15 Globals instead of 11.

- Drop changes:
* Egypt A equipment drops from Job Temple Uniques and Medusa have been increased slightly.
* Droprate of All coins from Job Temple Uniques increased.
* All coin drops added to Medusa.
* Droprate of Magic and Attribute Stones has been increased.
* Forgotten World droprate reduced a little.



Titan is now LIVE!

The HWID limit has been set to 3.
The following changes from the Testing Phase has been applied:

* Monster spawns have been increased. (Not by much)
* Exp rate has been reduced by 1/3.
* Starting Skill Points have been increased to 2.5m from 1m.
* Starting Gold has been decreased to 20k from 50k.
* Nova droparate has been reduced.
* Sell price of 6D to 11D items changed to:
6D = 10k, 7D = 20k, 8D = 30k, 9D = 40k, 10D/11D = 50k
* Alchemy User Interface and many other text based errors have been fixed.
* Reduced the cost of HP/MP Grains from 12k to 2.5k and Vigors from 21k to 5k. (Sell price 1k)
* All accounts which donated during the Testing Phase have 100% of their silk back.
* All characters that reached level 80 during the Testing Phase will receive a 7 Day premium upon creating a character.
* /time command added to [AutoEvent], he will pm you with the current servertime and date.
* Kill the GM Event increased to 3 Rounds.
* Job Point and Silk Lottery Event Added, New Tickets are availiable at the Titan Item NPC.
* Unique Locations added to Forum HERE
* Players who join within the first 48h will receive a special Founders Hat!  Ended

Have fun in TitanSRO,
Regards [GM]Hydra


JG Fortress BoneCrusherS
Tax 20 %
Register Time SATURDAY 09:00 - 18:00 SVT
Start Time SATURDAY 18:00 - 19:30 SVT


#1 LN
#2 TiTAN
#3 714
#4 Grimmjow
#5 Phus
#6 Toxedo
#7 Respectable
#8 Kitty
#9 H_Dabour
#10 Xurika


  • Cap: 110
  • Exp: 50x
  • Party Exp: 75x
  • Gold: 1x
  • Item: 5x
  • Max Degree: 11D Nova
  • Egypt Set: A + B
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Arena: Disabled
  • FGW: Enabled
  • Auto Event: Enabled
  • HWID Limit: 3




    wts Bied summon scroll
    2016-10-22 23:41



    WTB Egy A Weapon Chinese or Euro pm me with your price , WTB commander patch paying well
    2016-10-22 22:59



    2016-10-22 22:47



    WTB decent nova bow pm me
    2016-10-22 22:46



    WTS 2h Nova +13 Crit 80% others 61% LeaveUrOffer PM ME How much = ignore ^_^
    2016-10-22 22:41